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New Zenith Style Replacement Carburetor for Massey Ferguson 135 150 35 MH50 Gas TO35

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1203-0002 - Carburetor

Massey Ferguson - 12566, 181532M1, 181532M91, 183576M1, 183576M91, 194065M1, 194065M91, 194065M92, 533969M1, 533969M91, TSX1003, TSX534, TSX551, TSX577, TSX593, TSX605, TSX650, TSX670, TSX683, TSX692, TSX696, TSX701, TSX714, TSX802, TSX809, TSX812, TSX815, TSX844, TSX860, TSX879, TSX882, TSX896, TSX912, TSX930, TSX931, TSX948, TSX949, TSX971, TSX976, TSX983, TSX986, TSX987, TSX990, TSX996, TSXU834
Massey Ferguson - 135, 150, 35, MH50 Gas, TO35
Tech. Data:
Zenith style replacement carb. Bolt spacing: 2 5/16" C to C. Can be used to replace various Marvel Schebler & Carter carbs.