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Fuel Sediment Bow for CAV Type Filter Replaces Ford New Holland 81871479, F1NN9162AA

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1203-3012 - Fuel Bowl
Product Group:
Fuel System Components
Sub Group:
Sediment Bowls
Ford/New Holland - 81871479, F1NN9162AA
Ford/New Holland - 555E Indust/Const, 5610S, 5640, 575E Indust/Const, 655E Indust/Const, 6610S, 6640, 675E Indust/Const, 6810S, 7010, 7610S, 7740, 775 Loader, 7810S, 7840, 8010, 8240, 8340, LB115 Indust/Const, TS100, TS110, TS90
Tech. Data:
Rounded type bottom bowl for CAV type fuel filters #296 and #796. 3 5/8" outside diameter, 3/4" bottom Hole. Fits Atlantic C5NE9165C and EBPN9N166AA
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