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Alternator replaces 47383500, 87311822 on various Ford New Holland Tractors

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1100-0599 - Alternator

Atlantic (Prior) - 1700-0541, 4800-0502, 5000-0501, 5400-0502

Case/International Harvester - 87311822

Claas - 504271461, 5801453378

Ford/New Holland - 47383500, 87311822

Landini - 6510784M92
Case/International Harvester - Farmall 105U, Farmall 110U, Farmall 115A, Farmall 115U, Farmall 55C, Farmall 65C, Farmall 70, Farmall 75C, Farmall 75N, Farmall 80, Farmall 85A, Farmall 85C, Farmall 85U, Farmall 90, Farmall 95, Farmall 95A, Farmall 95C, Farmall 95N, Farmall 95U, JX1080U, JX1090U, JX1100U

Claas - Talos 220, Talos 230

Ford/New Holland - T4020, T4020V, T4030, T4030F, T4030V, T4040, T4040F, T4040V, T4050, T4050F, T4050V, T5040, T5050, T5060, T5070, TD5010, TD5050, TK4020F Crawler, TK4020V Crawler, TK4030 Crawler, TK4030F Crawler, TK4030V Crawler, TK4040 Crawler, TK4040M Crawler, TK4050 Crawler, TK4050M Crawler, TK4060 Crawler, TL100A, TL80A, TL90A

Landini - 5-090D, 5-090H, 5-100D, 5-110D, 5-110H, 5-115H, Landpower 125, Landpower 135, Landpower 145

MCCORMICK - X5.20, X5.30, X50.20, X50.20M, X50.30M, X50.40, X50.50, X50.50M
Tech. Data:
12v, 120a, IR, EF, clockwise, Iskra repalcement. D+, B+, and W terminal
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