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1700-0104 Starter Case IH Industrial Construction Replaces 104452A2R 1987559C1 86982709 86982709R 87350916 A170746

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1700-0104 Starter

Case/International Harvester - 104452A2R, 1987559C1, 86982709, 86982709R, 87350916, A170746

Case/International Harvester - 1840 Skid Steer, 1845C Skid Steer, 384, 40XT Skid Steer, 450C Crawler, 455C Crawler, 480E Indust/Const, 480ELL Indust/Const, 480F Indust/Const, 480FLL Indust/Const, 4T-390 Eng, 550 Crawler, 550E Crawler, 550G Crawler, 570LXT Indust/Const, 570LXT Series 2 Indust/Const, 570MXT Indust/Const, 580E Indust/Const, 580K Indust/Const, 580L Indust/Const, 580L Series 2 Indust/Const, 580M Indust/Const, 580SE Indust/Const, 580SK Indust/Const, 580SL Indust/Const, 580SM Indust/Const, 584 Indust/Const, 584E Indust/Const, 585E Indust/Const, 585G Indust/Const, 586E Indust/Const, 586G Indust/Const, 588G Indust/Const, 590 Indust/Const, 590SL Indust/Const, 590SL Series 2 Indust/Const, 590SM Indust/Const, 60XT Skid Steer, 650 Indust/Const, 650G Crawler, 660 Trencher, 70XT Skid Steer, 750H Crawler, 750K Crawler, 75XT Skid Steer, 760 Trencher, 845, 85XT Skid Steer, 860 Trencher, 90XT Skid Steer, 95XT Skid Steer, 960 Trencher, W11B Loader

Tech. Data:
12v, 13 tooth, 2.5KW, OSGR type w/two (2) ear mount.

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