We are an authorized dealer for both Atlantic and A&I Tractor Parts.

How We Got Started

My name is Bill Gilliland. I am the owner of Parts and Manuals and BG Collectibles Plus. In approximately 2001, I began selling on eBay a few old comic books and other collectible items that I owned. The comics were just a hobby that I started as a teenager and then sort of lost interest in. So, I decided to sell off some of them. In doing so, I discovered how much I enjoyed selling online.

My work experience, however, was in the automotive and agricultural parts industries. I have managed a couple of auto parts stores over the years and was also the parts manager for Branson Tractors when they first started exporting the tractors to America. I ended up working in another capacity other than Parts Manager for Branson. During my stint there, my dad bought out the inventory from an old NAPA Service Center here in my home town of Lyerly, GA. He knew I had a lot of experience in the auto parts business and in selling on eBay. So, I listed the parts on eBay and we split the profits.

From there, things just kept on rolling. We began to look for other parts inventories to buy and we also managed to get our hands on about three or four pickup truck loads of old Case / IH manuals. We then ventured into car manuals as well. We both enjoyed ourselves very much and we were making a little money too!

In April 2007, I quit my day job, founded BG Collectibles Plus and began selling on eBay full time. My dad later decided he wanted to start selling on his own. So, he now sells on eBay and at www.gillilandsisland.com. I continued to sell auto parts and manuals, as well as tractor and ag manuals on eBay and at www.bgcollectiblesplus.com.

As time passed, I decided that I needed to get into tractor parts as well. In approximately 2012, I became a dealer for a couple of aftermarket tractor parts distributors. Things have continued to go well and, in a nutshell, that is how www.partsandmanuals.com was born.

My son and my mother each help me a little in the business. So, instead of being a "one man show," we are a two man (and a woman) operation...and we sincerely thank you for visiting us here online. My dad, as I mentioned earlier has his own eBay business, my mother and I also run a pawn shop (Gilliland's Island, in Lyerly, GA). We are just a family trying to make a living, while helping others to find the goods they need.

My son, my dad, my mother and I have a very simple business philosophy. It is the same as our philosophy on life - We treat people the way we want to be treated. I can assure you that, if you purchase from www.partsandmanuals.com, www.bgcollectiblesplus.com or www.gillilandsisland.com that we will deal fairly and honestly with you. We will go above and beyond to help you find what you need and will you provide you with customer service far better than anything you will receive from any big, box store.